• Garganta de los Infiernos: Nature Reserve, cataloged as medium difficulty route.
  • Los Pilones: cataloged as medium / low difficulty route.
  • Puente Carlos V: cataloged as medium difficulty route.

Adventure Activities

  • Garganta de los Infiernos (Gorge of Hell): www.gargantadelosinfiernos.com Tel. 658 37 16 26
    Tours and excursions guided by the Garganta de los Infiernos in 4×4, trekking, observation and nature photography, bird watching, canyoning, mountain biking, kayaking, cultural visits.
  • Routes interpreted in vehicle, canyoning, canoes, rent of bicycles.
  • Picadero Los Pilones: Tel. 679 03 55 83/659 38 03 16
    Horse riding